Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christchurch CBD All Day parking fees increase

Christchurch's on-street, 'All Day' parking fees are set to increase, decrease, remain the same and revert back to normal hourly use.

After a long period of monitoring the use of the 213 parking spaces, spread out all over Christchurch’s CBD, initially set out as All Day parking (on-street, after the earthquakes as there were no buildings left to park in), it was found that the usage had changed markedly. 

Many All Day parking spaces were now over used, while some remained the same, and some had lower usage than was desired.  Some parking, around the Casino, was reverting back to normal casual parking as the usage was very high and short term, not what the All Day parking was designed for.  Prices were designed to respond to those changes in use.

These changes are designed to support the rebuild as the prices are designed to push users to car parks that are not being well used, to stop circulation, to stop over use and to encourage better utilisation of the parking resource.

The prices will change for the 28th January 2013.

Christchurch CBD parking fees increase - Latest National News - Keep up with Newstalk ZB

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