Monday, June 25, 2012

Do Hospital Staff Have Unreal Expectations for Parking?

Both Sides Unreasonable here?

Unfortunately, Lorraine, as lovely a lady as she appears, said "NHS staff are expected to stop what they’re doing four hours into their working day to go and move their cars." I don’t think that is the expectation. I think the expectation is for staff to not park in these areas or there wouldn't be a 4 hour limit. Having said that, there appears to be a clear need for some staff parking facility. If the NHS decided to go down that route, it could pay for it by charging staff to park or selling some kind of BOOT scheme to a private investor. It would solve the issue.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If only ...............

You are put in a room with a few other suitably qualified people and you are given as many pieces of butcher paper and marker pens as you like. 

You are posed a question, “if you can re-build a city’s parking infrastructure with no resource restrictions, how would you go about it?”. 

So how would you start?