Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parking or Transport - I'm Confused!

The Grey Area Between Parking and Transport

I was pleased to see this little video-ette published by the International Parking Institute, proffering the virtues of using a parking professional at an early stage of the planning process, or at all.  The message is one that I have mentioned many times here.  Parking is a professional business run by career professionals.  Don't try this at home!

I was disappointed in the message because it proved to be loosely about parking and more of a message about transport planners and traffic engineers being involved in parking and little about parking operations.  Most of the people I know and have worked with over many years wouldn't know anything about transport planning or traffic engineering but are parking professionals.

Use Parking Professionals 
by International Parking Institute

Most of the clients I know would not hire anyone to get advice on those things either as they want advice on optimising their parking garages or making their parking operation more efficient.  This video is all about 'road corridors' and transport planning, all things that occur BEFORE parking occurs.

I hope the International Parking Institute gives sufficient and equal time to parking in their next video.

Nice video though.

Kevin Warwood
Parking Operations Designer

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