Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Zealand Parking Association Conference Gets a Pass Mark

Well it was that time of the year again, with a visit to the New Zealand Parking Association conference, this time held in Wellington.  I have to take my hat off to the organisers as they tried to improve the programme offerings with a more rounded selection i.e. not just about Enforcement.

The programme had Auckland Transports' Scott Ebbett and Liz Hogan covering off Parking Design and the Baycorp trial.  We also had some great stuff from a comedian in the morning on the last day to break up the fare.  Well done to Kevin Nally's team.

I presented a subject close to my heart, 'How to reform, transform and preform Council parking'.  I have attached a link to, the first tie I have used software like this.  It was very simple after I had checked and re-checked the Internet link many times.  You can find my presentation here.

Ok NZPA, lets make sure you keep improving.  Parking is not just wardens and infringements.  I noted there was no one from the airport, hospital, hotel, property or valet parking industries and a no show from Secure Parking, Wilson Parking nor Care Park, that I noticed.  The latter two having an office in Wellington.  The equipment displays were also smaller than usual.  I suggest this is because of the lack of decision makers attending.

I will look for ward to seeing the new programme from the new committee and hope they use overseas conventions as a good guide in future.

Kevin Warwood

These comments are my own.



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