Tuesday, November 6, 2012

13th Australian Parking Convention

Hi all,

This time next week will be the 13th Australian Parking Convention's second day. 

I am speaking on Monday on the topic, The Christchurch CBD is Gone – Now What?  This is a presentation on the plans created to re-build the city's parking operations after an earthquake, and what we are trying to achieve by these plans and goals. 

I will be covering areas such as, 

·         The contribution parking can make to rebuilding a city

·         How a parking system should include all resources, public, private, on-street and off-street

·         How parking is both a barometer and bellwether

·         How modern parking technologies and methodologies can allow you to micro-manage your parking more and why this is good

·         How micro-managing parking is the future, as it allows managers to respond to the needs of the local area

I hope you can all make it.  See you there.




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