Monday, December 5, 2011

The Future of Work in the US is Healthcare (and Parking). Is it the same in other countries?

This is an intersting article where the author has found that the best place for 'safe' employment in the future, is in the Healthcare sector.  This is also good news for related businesses like parking.  It makes you think.

Kevin Warwood

THIS Is The Future Of Work In America

 There's a lot of debate about the future of labor in America: Will manufacturing ever come back? Will automation be a job destroyer? Will we all be freelancers working from home, shifting from gig to gig every 6 months?
It's all interesting to think about, but if you want to place one solid bet on the future of jobs in America, this chart would be a pretty simple place to start.
Regardless of where the economic cycle is, health care jobs just keep going up in a straight line.

The chart is even more impressive when you look at healthcare employment as a percentage of the civilian labor force.

The fact of the matter is that with society aging, the number of people needing healthcare services (and thus healthcare workers) seems like one, rock-solid secular trend that has almost no chance of not continuing.
Every time the latest jobs data comes out, we pore through a lot of information, and we can say with certainty that there's no other category that looks like this. Every other sector is affected by cyclical trends in some way.
What's more, if the country is ever going to get a handle on surging healthcare costs, the answer will almost invariably require MORE healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, walk-in clinicians), since expanding the supply is how you get the price of anything down.
If you want a job, this seems like your bet.

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